Auctions of Scrap Metals, Paper, Plastic and Rubber from International ports.

Intersca is an innovative trading platform for scrap commodities with a fixed set of trading rules that enables easier standardized buying and selling of scrap metals, plastics, paper and rubber from international ports.


Load scrap commodity in presence of S.G.S representative and have certified to specification and sealed. Have sealed container delivered to a secure warehouse at or near local international port. Intersca will then list your commodity for auction.

Your scrap commodity will then be auctioned and then the seller / exporter will receive top international export price.

Transaction of funds, documents handled exclusively by HSBC.

Increase cash flow.

No hassle of dealers with buyers.

Fast, safe, secure way for you to get top International export price.

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Intersca is not a broker, we take no commission, or put a margin on top of auction bids, we only charge a small buyers premium payable by buyer / Importer.

Brokers and end users buy directly from scrap yards / recyclers.

Brokers put together large lots from multiply scrap yards / recyclers for your clients without dealing with or negotiating terms with each individual scrap yard recycler. 

No long lead times, buy scrap commodities certified to specification ready for export.

Buy scrap commodities on a daily basis.

Brokers and end users will have increased flexibility in purchasing.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Full Terms and Conditions available on request

All scrap commodities must loaded and certified to specification by S.G.S.
All scrap commodities must be delivered to a secure warehouse at or near an international port.
All funds and document transfers are transacted by HSBC.
Sellers reserves the right to accept any offer and complete the auction at any time.
All Buyers must be registered to bid.
All transactions are in USD. (United States Dollar)